Kempa x Michelin

Kempa & Michelin. The cooperation

Our requirements for our handball shoe soles are rather similar to those for tyres: Optimum grip, and the lowest possible wear. The common development basis was quickly found, because for both Michelin and Kempa, there was one common goal from the outset: This was not about a superficial attachment of a brand to a rubber sole. Our cooperation was going to be in-depth and genuine with a focus on concrete development goals that serve the players right from the start. Our common focus was therefore on the best behaviour of the sole under professional playing conditions from the outset. But also additionally the longevity of the shoe sole. Together with leading developers of Michelin, we created a sole with characteristics reflecting the best synergy between our companies. What seemed so very different in the beginning became increasingly precise, more concrete, and finally real. The cooperation entailed everything from product design, particularly in terms of the sole, the joint development of the rubber composition, down to the mutually agreed choice of the manufacturers.

The new generation of Kempa shoes in cooperation with Michelin. The answer to the rigorous demands of handball.

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Optimum grip

The new Michelin rubber formula provides the optimum balance: It’s strong enough to provide total control, yet not so strong that it might risk damaging joints and bones.

The characteristics of the sole

The new rubber blend is extremely effective in making it harder for dust from the court to get trapped in the sole’s honeycomb of tiny pores. The effect: the sole keeps its grip for longer.


We have managed to double* the durability of the rubber formula; This means, the sole takes longer to wear out, despite having such outstanding grip. (*According to CTC laboratory tests in Lyon)

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